Friday, December 23, 2011

Let's do this all over again

I seriously cannot believe that this year is almost over.
I am in shock.
I am starting to feel like an old person, with absolutely no grasp of time! That was rude of me, not all old people have a bad sense of time. Scratch that. Anyways, I am so happy that this year happened. I learned so much and improved as a person.
I found a note that I wrote to myself at the beginning of this year and I was shocked at how different my perspective on life was. I was just so depressed and utterly dissatisfied with my life and the way that it turned out. I was NOT a likable person at all. I didn't like myself, I know that much.
I'm really glad that I allowed God to step in and rebuild the parts of my soul that were broken. Now I have nothing but pure optimism for this upcoming year. I know that God is going to do so many great things and I couldn't be happier. God spoke to me a few months ago and told me to look into youth ministries and now I am going to apply for an Apostolic Youth Missions trip to Switzerland for July of 2012. I am so insanely pumped for this amazing opportunity!
I thank God for the many new and wonderful people that I have met this year and now consider my friends (you know who you are). I am also grateful for my wonderful family, for always being there for me.
Let's do this thing, 2012!