Monday, December 22, 2014

Life update

I am mildly ashamed of myself, for it has been a seriously and ridiculously long time since I have posted anything. I didn't realize so much time had passed, but I believe it's been close to a year since I last posted. It really would be a tragedy for me to not at least comment on what an eventful and significant year it has been!

Here's a basic summary of my year:
I'm still living in Texas, I moved into an apartment with my friend Becky and her daughter Kailey, I still work at Portamedic, I bought a car in May, I still don't have rock hard abs (maybe in 2015?!? I am eating healthier though, so yay me!). 

For those of you who didn't know, something HUGE happened to me this year. By huge, I mean collossal, by collossal, I mean epic.
I fell in love. 
Yup, read it and weep.
I thank God every day for my boyfriend of 7 months, Allen Martinez. 
Single people, never doubt your prayers! God knows exactly where you are and what you need. Plus, God's timing always goes completely unmatched.

So there ya go, a very brief update of my life. Also, I am returning to my native land of Oregon for Christmas. My flight leaves at 7 something in the AM, so I will definitely have to set several alarms to make sure I'm at the airport by 5 AM. Yikes! If you think of me, please say a few family will need them with this crazy kid coming home!