Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just Because

It's been a while since I have posted anything. Not because I haven't wanted to, but I just simply have not had the time to sit down and edit my thoughts into a cohesive and readable form. I will admit that I don't really have any purpose for this particular post, I just really wanted to write today.

I almost died last week! Did that get your attention? I have almost died several times here. The drivers are insane. I was literally one light down from my house, and this dude just crosses across my lane without even looking. I braked and stopped literally 2 inches from his drivers side door. I know it was God who stopped my car in time. The impact would have killed him instantly, and probably would have killed me as well. So, don't forget to pray for a safe trip every time you enter your car!

Since we are on the subject of cars...
Last week my co-worker's car broke down and I drove her to her second job a couple of times. One of the days we got stuck behind a pretty bad traffic jam, when we realized that one of the cars in front of us had died and the passenger was trying to push it all the way up the exit and off to the side. Keep in mind that Texas drivers are insane and also that this is in the middle of a construction zone. Cars were driving up on the sidewalk, wrecking the bottoms of their cars, just to get around this person. NO ONE was getting out and helping this person push their car to safety. Long story short, my co-worker and I got out of the car and helped push this car into a random neighborhood, and out of the way. Seriously, two girls that are barely 5 feet tall could get out and help push a car, but no guys could get out?!? What the heck, Texas?

In other (still car related) news, I finally registered my car in the state of Texas. It took about 4 hours, but I did it. Next thing to do is to get my Texas Driver's License, which I will do next time I have any money, since the registration fees practically bled me dry. It was frustrating, but I have to admit, it feels pretty good to be able to do all of these "grown up" things on my own. I'm learning so much about myself and just about life in general.

I have been blessed and honored to serve with the Imagine Praise Team. With them, I sang at a Texas District event for college and career students called, "Fuel", and I also got to sing at a Bi-lingual (Spanish and English) district event at our church. Also, this past Wednesday,  I lead worship for the first time! That was a really surreal experience for me. I just kept thinking back to all of the things I have been through and all of the times that people in ministry told me I wasn't good enough or that I wasn't anointed and that I wouldn't amount to anything. I feel overwhelmed and blessed by the amount of love and support that is found in every member of ministry and in every member of the congregation here at North Cities. It just means so much to me that anyone would even afford me the opportunity to go in front of my peers and do what I believe that I am called to do. God is good all of the time.

Something I'm realizing more and more every day is just how much I miss my family. December really can't come soon enough. It will be nice to be back in Portland, even if it is just for a week.