Tuesday, February 10, 2015

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 8 (yesterday) and today

This post is about yesterday, the final day of juicing. 

I had my breakfast and lunch juices, and then I had to be at the church for music practice. When I got home I decided to eat my soup from Olive Garden and then I skyped my family (which was awesome, I should do it more often), and then finished off strong with my final juice which tasted of mud and death.

I also made a point to drink a lot of water, which really made a huge difference in how I felt. I really should have focused on the water aspect during the juice fast. Hindsight is 20/20, at the time it was a struggle just to down the juices. Thinking of adding another liquid to my intake just seemed overwhelming.

Today, 2/10, was my first official day off of the fast and I really feel great about my food choices. Organic granola with dried fruit for breakfast, Chicken and Apple Pecan Salad for lunch and a homemade shrimp stir fry for dinner. I also focused on drinking a lot of water, which was a milestone for me. I felt awesome today and I really want to keep this momentum going. I'm keeping the processed and greasy foods as far away for as long as a can. Stop tempting me, Chick-Fil-A waffle fries!

Monday, February 9, 2015

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 7

So I actually wrote a whole post about yesterday and somehow the whole thing ended up deleted.

Yesterday was the 7th day of the juice cleanse, and I decided that 2 juices on this day would be good, since I ate a meal on Friday and Saturday night. I figured that I was still getting all of the great micronutrients from the juice and I say 2 juices a day is pretty good. I had a breakfast and lunch juice and then went out to dinner with a group after church. I had soup and salad. I really really enjoyed the salad. 

In case you all were curious, here is a picture of my juices (breakfast, lunch and dinner from left to right)

I ended up with three left over juices due to the eaten dinners and decided that I would finish this juices off today.

Here is my take away from this experience: it's all about balance. I have realized just how many processed and sugar riddled foods I was eating. I also realized that your body doesn't crave that junk when you are inputting the right nutrients with fruits and veggies. 
With that being said, I'm not going to beat myself up if I decide to have a slice of pizza or a chocolate bar, or whatever the case may be. I am however going to focus on getting a balanced diet and inputting a lot more organic fruits and veggies, and stay away from convenience foods as much as I possibly can. If I slip up, it's ok! More veggies the next day! Processed foods, fast foods and sugars are not the devil if you are having them in moderation. Obviously, don't binge and don't have them on a daily basis. It's all about balance and placing the focus on the healthy foods. 

So far day 8 is going well, I will update later.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 6

I slept in today, had a late breakfast of juice and relaxed. Then I went and met my friend CJ for ventures around Hobby Lobby, a movie and downtown Dallas. I brought my lunch juice with me, but left it in my car. Since we took her car around, I decided that I really needed something and ate at about 8:45pm at Jimmy John's. I had an "Un-wich" which is sandwich ingredients wrapped in lettuce as opposed to bread. I felt like that was a healthier alternative and it was delicious. Afterwards, CJ and I went to a cupcake shop next door where she and I each got 2 cupcakes and sampled each. I literally had a nibble of each and promptly decided it was too much sugar and I put the cupcakes away and decided to deliver them both to Allen upon my return home.
Interesting how I really don't crave that type of sugar anymore and how my taste buds did not really enjoy it.
Came home to drink another juice.

Face is still messed up, but I did try to drink a lot of water today. I honestly don't know why it has been so difficult for me to drink water in addition to the juice. Oh well.

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 5

Day 5 was interesting. My skin is still really acting up, and with only 2 days left of this cleanse, I'm wondering at what point it will get better and when I will get that clear skin "glow". Today my face was red, kind of rashy with a bunch of little whiteheads pushing their way out of my pores, particularly in my chin and jaw area. Honestly, there are pop ups all over my face; on my forehead, temples and cheeks too. Throughout the day my face would burn and get hot to the touch and my chin has this weird constantly reddish discoloration that almost looks like Rosacea. This is probably the main side effect that I am experiencing at this point in time during this cleanse. 

On another note, was date night, so I had 2 of my 3 juices (breakfast and dinner), but actually ate a real dinner tonight. I didn't overdo it for obvious reasons. I can't even express how nice it was to actually chew on something! It was almost as if I had forgotten how!

Allen and I went to a Thai Restaurant. I had the Chicken Pad Woonsen, which is always a winner. I did not even manage to get close to even halfway through the dish before I was full, because I haven't eaten in a while and being conservative in my eating portions also just seemed like a smart idea. In case you were wondering, date night was awesome! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 4

Today was interesting. The exhaustion from last night carried over into this morning. I woke up this morning feeling not so great. I had stomach cramps and getting out of bed seemed unbearable. I took the day off and rested.

I got a new batch of juices last night, which should last through Saturday. All three of them taste even fruitier and more delicious (it's that, or I'm starting to really like juicing). The only really obvious difference is that the all veggie drink, which was a deep green the last few days, is now a purplish color, because it contains beets. 

I am getting used to juices sustaining me as full meals. Obviously, I still wish that I could eat the real deal, but I'm surviving!
Another side effect of juicing is that your body temp stays really cold. So I'm super cold all of the time and my fingers feel like icicles. Which is not great, because it's been super chilly and windy here lately!

Today I slept in a bit, drank my juice, started (and almost finished) a painting, did some laundry, drank my juice, relaxed on the couch with my fluffy blanket to stay warm, drank my juice and now I'm actually kind of pleasantly tired and ready for bed. I'm sure I will force myself to stay awake a bit longer though, because that's just who I am. More updates tomorrow!

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 3

I got home late last night, showered and then promptly crashed, which is why this post is a bit late. 

The third day of the fast was easier in relation to the juices and expecting the flavors. I did actually feel tired for the first time. In the morning, I had to force myself out of bed and really had no willpower to go to work. Coincidentally, my work let me out early, and although I had intentions of doing laundry and finishing up my room cleaning, I ended up watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2", and then crashed for about an hour and a half (the nap was originally intended to be 30 minutes).  

I didnt have any cravings on this day at all, which was a surprise. The temptation to eat solid foods was also not as present. However, many bathroom breaks and my skin is really broken out. On a positive note, my stomach has been fairly bloated the last few weeks, and now the bloat is gone. I once again boast a flat stomach! This means all of my clothes have been fitting a lot better, which is absolutely awesome.

There is something about any sort of cleanse/ fast that is innately spiritual. I have found that it has been easier to put away distractions, in my case, music. I have not listened to any music at all this week at work. The only music I have heard is the music at church services. I feel more sensitive to God and feel like I can hear Him more clearly. So to me, that is the ultimate reward and I hope that I can keep the relationship up at the end of the seven days. 

I will post a bit about day 4 later on tonight!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 2

Let me just start off by saying that I slept like a baby last night. I also wasn't quite as groggy upon waking up and getting out of bed. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a very difficult time sleeping at night. I'm up every couple hours and wake up feeling more exhausted than I did when I first went to sleep. 

Today I drank the juices in a more logical order. I had the fruit juice for breakfast, the mix (fruits and veggies) for lunch and the veggie juice for dinner. 

I had a harder time drinking the juices today, particularly the first meal of the day. The fruit juice really threw me off with the strong veggie smell, but fruity taste. However, once I drank my "breakfast", I felt full and it gave me the energy I needed to make it until lunch. Normally at work, I'm groggy and I'm falling asleep, and I have to listen to music on spotify just to keep my eyes open. I did not even open my spotify today. I didn't need it. I felt alert.

After my "lunch", I felt so great and energized. That energy lasted me well until about 7pm in the evening, when I started to feel a little sleepy. I had so much energy after I came home from work, that I even endeavored to clean my room!

"Dinner" juice (veggies) was really difficult for me to drink, as this is my very least favorite of the three juice combos. I really took my sweet time finishing the 16 oz vile concoction, but I did feel good after drinking it.

Some side effects of the detox process: 
• living in the restroom
• my skin is breaking out a bit on my forehead
• my under eye circles are very, very dark
• an intense (and oddly specific) craving for a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut.

I also just finished watching a documentary about juicing on Netflix called, "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead". It was the perfect motivation to help me stick with this for as long as I can. 

I'm realizing that it's really all about detoxing (re-booting) and taking care of your body, and then continuing a healthy lifestyle after all of the fast food/ processed food cravings are gone. I'm really pushing for a permanent change and preventative care. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family, as does obesity. I have had my fair share of health problems including asthma, fainting, insomnia, and a pretty bad bout of acne in recent years (my skin is in the healing process and MUCH improved from even a few months ago). My personal journey to start changing my diet habits and lifestyle started maybe about 6-7 months ago. I have learned a lot in the process, but this is just another piece to the puzzle that will hopefully lead me to a healthy future. Also, you learn a lot about yourself when you are fighting the urge to eat solid foods! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

7 day Juice Cleanse: Day 1

In light of my goals to focus on my health this year, I have decided to join my boyfriend on a seven day juice fast.
I decided that this may be an entertaining journey to document, although, probably more entertaining for you than for me.

Day #1 (TODAY):

I have three 16 oz bottles of juice to consume each day; Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I did not personally make these juices. They were prepared and purchased from my church's young adult/ career pastor (who is a bit of a health guru). 

I have the following types of juices through Wednesday. On Wednesday I will contact said health guru and get the remaining juices for the rest of the week.

•3 veggie (carrots, spinach, garlic, apples)
•3 fruity (apples, oranges, limes) 
•3 mix (spinach, apples, oranges, & carrots)

I started with the veggie one for breakfast, which tasted and smelled a lot like grass. Not my favorite, but by the last few sips it had grown on me. No sooner had I drank my breakfast, did I suddenly have the intense craving and desire for chips and artichoke dip. I agree, it's an awfully specific and odd craving. 
I did feel pretty good after "breakfast" and I had energy throughout my day. Normally at work, I get really tired and lethargic. I felt very alert today:
For lunch I had the mix of fruits and veggies. This drink still had the overwhelming smell of grass, but was actually pretty tasty. I felt full after drinking it, but also hungry. As in I wanted to chew something. So I failed and cheated and had two Lindor truffles. That was a poor decision that only made my stomach hurt. I then finished strong with my fruit juice as dinner. This one smelled like cilantro for some reason, but tasted the best of the three juices. 

Today I realized just how weak my resolve is already on day one (pathetic, Julie!), but I'm back on board and I really want to ride this out for as long as I can. I know the detox will be hard, but I'm really excited for the energy and overall health results. Here's to a (hopefully) more successful Day #2.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Post of 2015

It's 2015! Hooray! I always look forward to a new year and I get excited for all of the experiences that will happen within it. Lord knows that a lot certainly happened for me in 2014. Sometimes it's hard to believe that so much can happen in such a short 12 months. 

Change of subject: Oregon was wonderful! I love my family and enjoyed just spending time and talking. Each time I return home I realize how truly beautiful the state is and how spoiled I was growing up. So insanely gorgeous, and the atmosphere, although quirky, will always be a source of comfort and amusement for me. I love Oregon, and although Texas has a new place in my heart, Oregon will forever be my first love. With that in mind, I will say that prior to leaving, and upon my return, I did quite struggle with the concept of staying here in Texas. I know I need to be here now, but it is difficult to live 2500 plus miles away from your family. I usually put on a brave face and don't show how much it hurts but, it wears on my emotions. My family remains supportive and they are very present in my life, but distance does have an impact, and it's just difficult. Most people my age won't truly understand this, unless they too have taken the leap out of the nest and into foreign territory. Here is the deal, if you don't live at home, chances are that your parents are within the same state or a mere few hours driving distance. Appreciate your family. 

Life is starting to take shape here. I am a part of the praise singing team's leadership now, which came as a wonderful surprise. I am quite nervous, but also excited. I will be learning to play the piano again, after about 10 years of not playing. "Rusty" is an understatement.

I am also focusing on getting out of debt. By the end of this month I will have paid off my second and final credit card, at which point I can focus on my student loans. My goal is to pay those off by 2020 (if not sooner). 

My health will also take a front seat, as I realize that time is continually pushing forward and I am not getting any younger. I bought my first ever gym membership on Friday, and I am so excited to get moving again. Monday (tomorrow) will be my first workout with Mr. Allen Martinez as my trainer and workout partner. 

2015 will be an amazing year. I'm choosing to take control of my life and to make and achieve my goals. Life is to be lived and to be enjoyed. Let's do more than just exist in 2015!