Saturday, February 7, 2015

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 6

I slept in today, had a late breakfast of juice and relaxed. Then I went and met my friend CJ for ventures around Hobby Lobby, a movie and downtown Dallas. I brought my lunch juice with me, but left it in my car. Since we took her car around, I decided that I really needed something and ate at about 8:45pm at Jimmy John's. I had an "Un-wich" which is sandwich ingredients wrapped in lettuce as opposed to bread. I felt like that was a healthier alternative and it was delicious. Afterwards, CJ and I went to a cupcake shop next door where she and I each got 2 cupcakes and sampled each. I literally had a nibble of each and promptly decided it was too much sugar and I put the cupcakes away and decided to deliver them both to Allen upon my return home.
Interesting how I really don't crave that type of sugar anymore and how my taste buds did not really enjoy it.
Came home to drink another juice.

Face is still messed up, but I did try to drink a lot of water today. I honestly don't know why it has been so difficult for me to drink water in addition to the juice. Oh well.

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