Thursday, February 5, 2015

7 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 4

Today was interesting. The exhaustion from last night carried over into this morning. I woke up this morning feeling not so great. I had stomach cramps and getting out of bed seemed unbearable. I took the day off and rested.

I got a new batch of juices last night, which should last through Saturday. All three of them taste even fruitier and more delicious (it's that, or I'm starting to really like juicing). The only really obvious difference is that the all veggie drink, which was a deep green the last few days, is now a purplish color, because it contains beets. 

I am getting used to juices sustaining me as full meals. Obviously, I still wish that I could eat the real deal, but I'm surviving!
Another side effect of juicing is that your body temp stays really cold. So I'm super cold all of the time and my fingers feel like icicles. Which is not great, because it's been super chilly and windy here lately!

Today I slept in a bit, drank my juice, started (and almost finished) a painting, did some laundry, drank my juice, relaxed on the couch with my fluffy blanket to stay warm, drank my juice and now I'm actually kind of pleasantly tired and ready for bed. I'm sure I will force myself to stay awake a bit longer though, because that's just who I am. More updates tomorrow!

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