Monday, February 2, 2015

7 day Juice Cleanse: Day 1

In light of my goals to focus on my health this year, I have decided to join my boyfriend on a seven day juice fast.
I decided that this may be an entertaining journey to document, although, probably more entertaining for you than for me.

Day #1 (TODAY):

I have three 16 oz bottles of juice to consume each day; Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I did not personally make these juices. They were prepared and purchased from my church's young adult/ career pastor (who is a bit of a health guru). 

I have the following types of juices through Wednesday. On Wednesday I will contact said health guru and get the remaining juices for the rest of the week.

•3 veggie (carrots, spinach, garlic, apples)
•3 fruity (apples, oranges, limes) 
•3 mix (spinach, apples, oranges, & carrots)

I started with the veggie one for breakfast, which tasted and smelled a lot like grass. Not my favorite, but by the last few sips it had grown on me. No sooner had I drank my breakfast, did I suddenly have the intense craving and desire for chips and artichoke dip. I agree, it's an awfully specific and odd craving. 
I did feel pretty good after "breakfast" and I had energy throughout my day. Normally at work, I get really tired and lethargic. I felt very alert today:
For lunch I had the mix of fruits and veggies. This drink still had the overwhelming smell of grass, but was actually pretty tasty. I felt full after drinking it, but also hungry. As in I wanted to chew something. So I failed and cheated and had two Lindor truffles. That was a poor decision that only made my stomach hurt. I then finished strong with my fruit juice as dinner. This one smelled like cilantro for some reason, but tasted the best of the three juices. 

Today I realized just how weak my resolve is already on day one (pathetic, Julie!), but I'm back on board and I really want to ride this out for as long as I can. I know the detox will be hard, but I'm really excited for the energy and overall health results. Here's to a (hopefully) more successful Day #2.

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