Sunday, November 25, 2012

Things Lost In the Storm

I know, I know! I still have to finish my Switzerland posts. I apologize to any of you who actually read this blog. I promise, I will get to those last few days of the trip before the end of the year (pathetic, I agree).

Anyways, I wrote this a few hours ago and couldn't help but feel like I should share it.
This isn't exactly a poem, it's not exactly a writing... it's....well, I don't know what it is.
Read the ramblings of my mind, if you dare.

"Things Lost In the Storm" written 11/25/12

These are deadly creatures.
Natural disasters that spew chaos and instigate a loss or losses of some sort and capacity.
Storms force growth... at least it does for those who were lucky enough to survive.
The living a face a new reality.
The reality that has emerged from the destruction.

In a lot of ways, this trial is a blessing that gives perspective.
A re-building period starts and mourning is placed on the back-burner; a pandora's box to be opened and dealt with at a later date and time.

If you are unwise, you may periodically take a peek into the box and long after the things that are no more.
You might return to the cite and reminisce.
Perhaps you'll find an old trinket or two, meaningless and damaged items that will suddenly hold value to you.
You will convince yourself that these things are worth keeping, worth saving.
You'll find it harder and harder to leave these items behind and start your new life.
New beginnings are frightful, and you will want to return to the way things were.
In your mind, it will seem simpler.
Listen closely, and your heart will tell you a different story.
It will tell you to let go and move on.
It will tell you that there is nothing left for you here.

You'll compare the two realities and you will realize all of the things that you will have to live without, and it will break your heart.
Your chest will hurt and you will find it hard to breathe.
If you focus on the past for too long, you will stunt your  own growth and destroy all chances of success in your new environment.

So get up!
Dust yourself off.
Step away slowly and take a good look around you.
See things for what they really are.
See the unsalvageable ruins around you.
Take a deep breath.
Turn your back to the rubbish and keep on walking.
You'll live.
You might even flourish.
Finally you will realize that your life isn't over, in fact it's just beginning.
The transition won't be easy, but you know this.
It'll hurt.
You'll cry, you might even scream, but you will feel at peace.
After a while, you will realize what you really lost in that storm.
It was the old you.
You'll laugh and say, "Good Riddance!"
You will thank God and trust that there was a reason for all of those "things" lost in the storm.