Thursday, January 27, 2011

Laugh it off and lose some weight

So, this is officially my first blog EVER!!! It just seemed like this would be the perfect time, and why not? With all of the time I spend on Facebook, I can afford to time manage and have a blog. Yes, I'll admit it, I AM A FACEBOOK ADDICT!

I just recently started attending Portland Community College, in fact today marked the end of my 4th week. I have to say, I really like it so far. People are strange, and that keeps me so amused and entertained. The other day, I came across some dude who randomly decided to meditate. I guess the clip-clop of my high heels disturbed him, because he literally jumped up, glared at me and RAN away. It was absolutely hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, the kids in my English class: Mentally challenged. The set up of the classroom is strange, but one side of the classroom is normal (obviously the side I sit on), and the other side of the classroom holds complete idiots. It seems that the "idiotic" kids feel like they are authorities on writing or something. Every time that we do class critiques of other student's writing, they start chomping at the bit, and before you know it the vultures have torn your paper to shreds. If they were so much better at writing, shouldn't they be in a higher level writing class? so stupid.
 On Monday, the teacher asked one of these annoying student's how their weekend was. This was her response, "Not very good, I slept horribly! I had a ton of nightmares, because my room is always cold, and you know there is a study about how sleeping in a cold room contributes to nightmares? Anyways, I keep having these terribly strange dreams, like I always end up accidentally killing someone in my dreams. In my dream last night I find a body in a pond, and somehow I ended up stabbing someone in the stomach and had the waste ALL over me! It was disgusting!" <------- Disturbed much? I mean, it was a rhetorical question!!!

Ah, I don't know. I know I am where I am supposed to be at this point in my life, but boy are people weird. Laugh it off, you might just lose some weight (Lord knows I better burn off some of this butter)!!


  1. Funny :) You shoud add some pics to your blog. Have a nice day!

  2. Good Job having a Blog Julie! I have had one for a few years. I am glad you are entertained with PCC! Your Mom and I were too...especially by this funny guy in our Biology class who wouldn't leave us alone even though I was so rude and blunt to him!!! Well, I dropped out..(Bad idea!) And your Mom couldn't get rid of him so she married him...hence you became!!!!!!

  3. Oh the riggers of college life mixed with the liberalism of Portland. I do not envy you . . . lie. I actually really do, some of these things sound like they would be REALLY funny to see in person. Keep the stories coming!

  4. Cheri- I will get on pictures...eventually...haha

    Kelly- I know, right? I feel so much more sophisticated now! That story about that guy that ended up being my dad = pretty hilarious.

    Toby- Portland is SO liberal and crazy, but I haven't stopped laughing. Something weird and funny happens every day it seems. I'm sure you have plenty of funny OSU stories :D

  5. HAHA! the story about the man glaring at you and running away is so funny! strange humans.