Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slightly Sick for Home

I experienced my first official feelings of "home sickness" as of last week.
It only took me 7 weeks, after all.

As some of you know, I work at a call center that schedules life insurance exams for applicants of  various insurance companies. Last week I took a call from this guy with a 503 (Oregon area code) phone number. I took down the address for the exam and suddenly realized that he was from my home city of Hillsboro. Before I knew it, my eyes experienced  a strange stinging sensation accompanied by light wateriness. In the same week, I heard news that my good friend, Raymond Mason and his wife, Iryna, were planning on moving back to Oregon. This motif of Oregon got me thinking...I started missing the trees, the insanely fresh and clean air, the mountains, the sky, the rain, the weirdness, the art, the adventure, the hippies, my friends, my FAMILY.
I miss asking my parents for advice, I miss my dad's weird sense of humor and my mom's amazing cooking, I miss my strange and yet awesome bromance with my sister Kristy, I miss weird scifi movies and videogames, I miss my bratty cat, I miss my lumpy bed, I miss my hipster clothing and giant hipster glasses, I miss it all.

So much missing Oregon in one week. A lot of these emotions have transferred over to this week as well. It's weird though, I haven't actually had a sit down, break down, cry it out moment. Instead, I experience a trigger, a reminder of home, I feel a twinge of pain in my normally icy heart, and then I move on. I think it helps that I haven't really had the time to sit down and process what I'm missing. I have been too pleasantly and hectically busy.
I plan on going back to Portland to visit sometime in December, at which point I am sure I will become completely overwhelmed by emotion and will finally realize just how much I have missed everyone and everything. I plan on bawling like a newborn.

So, here I am, a survivor of 8 weeks and 1 day in the state of Texas. I will admit that I have fallen in love with this place. So, I guess half of my heart is in Oregon, and the other half is here. For now, this is my home. I don't know how long "now" is, but I do know that I belong here and that God has brought me to this place for a purpose.

For those of you who are reading this in love and support: Thank you and you are awesome.

For those of you reading this to be nosy, and who are still hoping for my imminent fail (you know who you are, and I know who you are): You will be waiting for a very long time. I suggest you do something productive with your OWN life. Oh, and Jesus Loves You.

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