Monday, July 9, 2012

Craaaziness, but Goodness

I meant to do a post yesterday, but the WiFi in the Liechtenstein hotel decided that it just wasn't going to work for me. All that means is that I will have to catch you all up on two days again instead of one.

Sunday, July 8th
We went back to the church in Liechtenstein to continue helping out with their services again. God stepped in and moved in a very powerful way. Their small, local assembly rented out a conference room in one of the Universities in Liechtenstein for the two revival services that we helped out with. Our job was to basically come into the service and just worship alongside the members of the church. Some people were asked to testify, some to sing, and a group of us participated in a choir performance lead by Bro. Puckett from North Dakota. It was our responsibility to show up and just usher the spirit of God into that place and to encourage and bless them. The set up of their service is pretty awesome. The youth leads the worship and they sing all of their songs in both English and German. They even sang one of the worship songs in Spanish!

God moved through some of the absolutely incredible testimonies from members of our group as well as through the choir and prophesies about a revival in Liechtenstein started to come forward from members of our group who felt to share a word from God on their heart. According to the pastor of the Liechtenstein church (I don't remember his name, but he was cool), there is a lot of spiritual warfare in Liechtenstein and as he put it, "A dark cloud of opposition" that surrounds the country and prevents revival. By the end of that service, it was prophesied that there will be a world revival happening soon and that it will start in Liechtenstein and spread like wildfire. I believe this to be absolutely true. God just poured out his blessings in that service and on those sweet people. I can't wait to hear the updates on what God plans to do next.
After service we went to dinner and ate the MOST DELICIOUS roasted chicken with rice and carrots. The chicken had this amazing gravy over it that was insanely good. Strawberry ice cream followed dinner, and a nasty rain storm followed desert. We all got completely soaking wet! Some of my clothes are STILL wet from that event. We then headed back to the hotel where we all just hung out until midnight.

Monday, July 9th
Today has been crazier than crazy. Our group is so big that we have had to divide up into two groups and we travel around in two giant buses. Our chaperones, The Manns, The Pucketts, The Kellys and Bro. Stirnemann hired the bus drivers to take us on the long distances to the various locations. Unfortunately, our bus drivers don't seem to realize that when you get paid for something, you have to actually provide the goods. Pray for our bus drivers. They have been the most difficult and rude people. They keep screwing up our schedule and plans because they don't want to drive us certain places (did I mention they are getting paid A LOT?). Today we were supposed to visit a castle in Liechtenstein, and then go to a city called Bern in Switzerland, for lunch and touring for 2 hours. The bus driver not only didn't get us to the castle, she almost got us killed a few times and then stopped at a sort of rest-stop supermarket for lunch and told us that she would not drive us into Burn until she ate lunch. Let me tell you, she took her sweet time eating her lunch. The frustrating part is that she knows we are on a time schedule. When she was done, she drove us into Burn, giving us only 45 mins to try to find souvenirs for our families. That obviously didn't work. What was supposed to be a relaxing day of tourism, ended up being a crazy bag of ridiculousness. She put us 2 hours behind schedule for dinner and then had the audacity to be annoyed with us. Still, the day was good just because I got to spend more time hanging out with some awesome people on the long bus rides and also, how can a person possibly be mad when they are in Europe? We also had a delicious dinner with the Sayers (who planned out this entire trip), followed by a very powerful prayer service for the service in Lausanne tomorrow. My new friend Melinda and I pulled some pranks today on some other new  friends when we were in Burn, we saw a weird guy in Geneva who upon looking at his reflection in a storefront mirror petted his reflection, we had some epic personal/real conversations, and we laughed at some crazy weird people.
Tomorrow will be an incredible and exciting experience as we will have a prayer walk/evangelism followed by service in Lausanne, Switzerland (where they speak Spanish! WooHoooo!!!). We know that people will receive the Holy Ghost and that God will use signs and wonders. Keep the city Lausanne, the country of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the AYC-ers in your prayers! Oh and also, pray for the bus drivers!!!
Well, I'm pretty tired after a full out day of traveling; today we drove from Liechtenstein to Geneva, Switzerland and then from Geneva, Switzerland to Gaillard, France where our hotel is located.

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