Saturday, July 7, 2012

Who needs sleep?

My days are already blending together. Between all of the time changes and long traveling hours, I really don't have a chance.
July 6th and 7th have been rough days. We got on an 8 hour flight to Geneva on Friday and arrived in Geneva around 9 am-ish on Saturday. The flight was absolutely exhausting and most people weren't able to sleep at all due to all of the anxiety and excitement for this experience.
After the 8 hour flight, we jumped directly onto a 5-hour bus ride to Liechtenstein, where we jumped off the bus and into a worship service for a brand new Pentecostal church. Many couldn't sleep on the bus ride either. All of us are absolutely exhausted, but proud to have been a part of the launch of a new church body. For those of you who are reading this, please pray for Liechtenstein and the surrounding areas, that people would have a hunger for God and be drawn to the truth. There is a resistance for revival and I know that if we bind together and pray, God can do amazing things. There is just so much anticipation as to what will happen next. Please also continue to keep the AYC group in your prayers, that God can use us to our full potential.

Other than getting ready to hit the hay, this experience has been amazing so far. I have met a lot of really great people that I plan on being friends with for a long time to come and I plan on getting to know more of the group members better as this trip continues. There are, after all, 74 people on this trip (not including the chaperones).  It's just been really nice to do this on my own and put myself out there in a way that I maybe wouldn't have if I had gone in a group of people that I already knew. It's also comforting knowing that despite the initial nerves and stress; this has all been ordained by the hands of God and I'm exactly where I should be. Who knows what the future holds? As long as I am taking one steady step at a time.

The view from the airplane upon our descent into Geneva, Switzerland


  1. Praying for your trip and that God uses you in a wonderful way!

  2. Thank you, Cheri!!! I appreciate that!