Friday, April 15, 2016

Full Immersion

I stood on the shore staring at the majesty of the Ocean;
It's glory, mercy, and punishment.
It was truly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
With each wave that kissed the shore, I moved closer.
Inch by inch, I gradually began to cross the threshold
between safety and the Unknown.
Onlookers pleaded with me to stay put,
"Stay back, you'll drown!"

I glanced back, baffled at how many
could claim to love Something and not want to know It,
understand It, be One with It.
I pressed on.
The bystanders began to murmur, certain of my impending death.
I wanted more.
The Ocean slowly drew me in.
Then I saw It in the distance;
I began to panic, questioning if I had made the right decision.
Was this the end?
I should have stifled my curiosity and stayed where it was safe.
I should have listened to the crowd.
Why couldn't I just let It be?!?
"Turn around, make your escape!"
I had come too far to turn around now.
Closer, and closer still It came.
It was so striking, so monumental, so...
I closed my eyes.
I braced myself.
The Waves crashed into me, overcoming me.
The Tide quickly pulled me under.
I couldn't fight It, I wasn't strong enough,
I was so unprepared.
I began to struggle for breath, my lungs began to burn,
Pain I never knew possible began to plague my body.
I was dying.
There was no escape.
In order to live, I would have to die.
Closer Still.

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