Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can you see it? No, not really! Can you?

Do any of you try to envision your future? What life will be like for you in a year, five years, maybe ten? How about in your dreams? Do you sometimes dream that you are older than you currently are or even younger? I do sometimes.

I find my "future" in my daydreams and in my regular R.E.M cycle dreams quite troubling. Why? Because I never ever see myself beyond my early to mid twenties and I'm always alone. The worrisome part is that I am already 19, meaning that my twenties are right around the corner. It seems a bit strange, right? I always find myself wondering if this is of any real significance or if I am just being a total nutcase as usual. It may sound sort of strange, but I always did think that I would die young. It feels weird to actually be typing those words, but I sort of figure that I have more liberty to be honest since nobody really reads this blog anyhow. hahaa. Suprisingly,this idea doesn't weird me out at all, it just makes me think that I need to make the most of every day and that I need to do my best to make a positive and Godly impact on the lives around me. I don't always succeed, but hey, it's a goal and I aim to move closer to that goal every day (even if I never quite get there).

Does anybody else out there relate to anything written in this particular post? Probably not and thank the good Lord for that. What do you all dream about? What do you see when you envision your future? I'm curious, so let me know!

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