Saturday, February 11, 2012


Growing up is seriously painful. I don't know too much about actual growing pains, since I am a mere 5'2'' (Okay fine, I'm not quite that tall). I am talking about emotional pain.<--- Wow, how depressing have my last few posts been?
This year has been a suprisingly tumultuous one for my emotional standing. Why? Because I am a girl! No, it's  because I am actually making strides to accomplish my goals and dreams. It's also because I am becoming a more adult version of myself. The biggest factor is definitely the affairs of the heart. Not love, but infatuation. Being attracted to someone and knowing that it will never happen. Being confused when you read into things and get a slight glimmer of hope. Yeah, growing up is painful. I understand now why people are so jaded. For I too, am headed in that direction.

I just felt like I had to write this down tonight or else I would explode. Anyways, sorry for getting so personal on here. I promise cheerier posts in the near future. :)

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