Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sounds pretty legit!

Today has been a funny day. Funny as in haha, but also funny as in just plain weird. I have to say, I'm starting to expect weird where PCC is concerned.

I am currently taking a two-part Psychology class with one of my best friends in the whole entire world, Hayley. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but we ended up getting the worst teacher in the history of civilization. We got this ancient old man who flails his arms around whilst speaking and mumbles incoherent sentence fragments. Do you have an image yet? Last week our instructor walked out of class TWICE because he forgot some of the lesson plans in his office. He does weird junk like that on a weekly basis. We have a psycho teaching us psychology! Now where is the logic in that?!? Anyhow, today was just another example of craziness in there. He went off of the subject of synaesthesia into how childbirth and sex is different across the world in different cultures. Say whaaaa??? The conection is where, exactly? Hayley and I left the class as soon as we could so that we could enjoy a delish lunch.

So, you know how Sonic has that deal where you order from your car and then the carhop comes over to your car to give you your food? Today there was another dude walking around from car to car asking if we needed any extra condiments, napkins, mints, etc. Nothing unusual. He stopped by the car once, but we didn't need anything. We continued to eat our food and not 5 minutes later he comes back again. We politely let him know we didn't need anything. He then walks up to the driver's side of the car and pretends that he is clearing off the ordering board in order to hit on Hayley. Most awkward attempt at flirting I have ever witnessed. Poor kid just smiled, asked Hayley how she was and then quickly ran away.

We headed back to the school and on our way to the library we got approached by a pretty sketchy looking kid. "Hey, you girls have a few moments to listen to some of my music and tell me what you think? I'm a musician and I'm just trying to get some feedback." We decided to humor the dude and we listened to his rap-esque music. "Sounds pretty legit!" I said to him. Hayley agreed with me. I proceeded to ask the guy a few questions about what classes he was taking and what his deal was. Big, weird, mistake. He responded with, "I actually don't go to school, man. I spend all my free time working on my music. It's my life. I pretty much just do gigs all the time and then I go around to colleges and sell my music. So, a CD goes for $1,000,000...haha just kidding, you got $5?". I wished him luck and told him I had no money to spare. Then we quickly walked away and witnessed him try to solicit his work to another unsuspecting student.

Later on in the day, we saw two kids who very much resembled Butthead of the very popular "Beavis and Butthead" serious. The likenesses were uncanny. My next mission is to find Beavis's real life doppleganger. I am almost certain that I will have luck at PCC. (Beavis and Butthead are pictured right).

Hayley and I were still talking about the hilariosity of the day's events on the way home when we pulled next to a dude in a red truck at a stop light. Hayley was telling me a funny story and was making amazing winky and kissy faces at me when the dude looked our way. He assumed that Hayley was trying to flirt with him. He shoots us a nasty look and then attempts to race Hayley to every stop light. Sounds like a joke right? It most certainly was not. We (Hayley and I) were laughing hysterically at how dumb the driver of the truck was acting and this seemed to anger him. We ended up behind his car for most of the stretch home and he just kept putting the pedal to the metal. Eventually, we ended up in the passing lane and I seized this opportunity to wave at the speed monster. Right as we passed his car, he leaned out of his window and made a bunch of outrageous kissy faces.
I died of laughter.
End of story.

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